Executive Leadership

Amr Abdallah – Director of Professional Outreach and Career Development
HKS, MPA, PMP, ‘99
Policy and Planning Expert
Washington, D.C.

Bibek Basnet – Director of International Outreach and Host, Global Minds
HGSE, MEd, ‘22
Consultant at Global Partnership for Education
Washington, D.C.

Karen Biala – Board Member and Vice President
HSPH, MSc, ‘13
Director of International Partnerships for ARC at Sheba Medical Center
Tel Aviv, Israel

Laura Lee Williams – Board Member and Vice President of Programming
HES, MLA, ‘98
Strategic Advisor, Enliven Advisory and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, University Startups
Washington, D.C.

Mandeep Sibia – Director of Communications
HKS, EXED, ‘10
Talent Specialist, Xpheno
Karnataka, India

Penelopa Gjurchilova – Director of Global Networking
HKS, MPA, ‘07
Key Advisor Human Rights and Gender, EUD in PNG, Adam Smith International and BiRD
Skopje, North Macedonia

Prachi Narang – Director of Strategy and Development

HGSE, EdM, ‘21

Senior Consultant - Education and Skills, PwC Middle East

Dubai, UAE

Seiah Yu – Director of Fundraising
HES, ALB, ‘20
Brand Experience and Capital Fundraising Officer, Museo Del Galeón
Manila, Philippines

Stephen Chiu – Founder and President Emeritus
AB, ‘97
Deputy CFO, Save the Children
San Francisco, California

Surranna Sandy – Director of Civic Engagement

HES, ALM, ‘23

Chief Executive Officer, Skills for Change

Toronto, Canada

Zaina Adamu – President & Board Chair
HGSE, MEd, ‘21
Policy Consultant, European Council on Foreign Relations
Accra, Ghana