HAGD membership is open to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have an affiliation with Harvard University (including Harvard/Radcliffe College and all Harvard graduate and professional schools) and their spouses/partners. Participation is regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Members will share a commitment to HAGD’s mission, vision, and goals.


To join HAGD as a member, please fill out the HAGD Membership Survey and provide a valid Harvard-affiliated email address. This Harvard-affiliated email is essential to verifying a person’s authentic connection to Harvard. Then members can gain access to email listservs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

To join as a member, please spend complete this membership form.

To access our Facebook group, please click on the link below.

To access our Linked In group, please click on the link below.

Please note that all formal HAGD communications will come via email. Facebook and LinkedIn are alternative sources of communication, and great ways to keep up-to-date with events and other updates from HAGD members.


Upon completion of the HAGD membership survey and verified of Harvard affiliation, members enjoy multiple HAGD benefits including:

  • Access and opportunities to connect with other HAGD members
  • Periodic HAGD newsletter
  • Potential to collaborate in HAGD-related cross-sector partnerships
  • Career development activities for new, mid-career, and transitioning professionals
  • Webinars with influential leaders in global development
  • Intimate fireside chats with alumni groups on trending topics of interest
  • Education on new best-practices and trends by HAGD researchers/practitioners
  • Panel discussions and various events