The Future of Global Education

We are in the throes of the greatest learning moment in the history of education. COVID-19 has forced education stakeholders around the world—students, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and parents—to grapple with thundering questions and challenges. As students, educators, and families around the planet scramble to adjust to the complexities of schooling amidst the pandemic, long-held assumptions around the nature and purpose of school are being called into question: 

- What are the essential ingredients of a global education preparing students (from developing or developed countries) to be global citizens?
- How could we design opportunities for students to engage in real-life meaningful global projects?  
- How will emerging tech influence the future of learning for global citizen-students?

Please join a fantastic and diverse panel of globally dispersed panelists for what promises to be an engaging conversation around these important questions that concern us all. Our panelists for this event will be:

  • David Fills-Aimé, the Founder & Executive Director of Basketball to Uplift the Youth and the Founder & President of DaliReel Productions
  • Santiago Rincón Gallardo, an education consultant, member of Michael Fullan’s team, and author of Liberating Learning: Educational Change as Social Movement
  • Homa Tavangar, author of best-selling Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World (Random House), co-author of five books for educators, and most recently, Global Kids, a colorful activity deck exposing children to world cultures and global mindsets.
  • Craig Vezina, executive director of Z-17, the global education non-profit focused on education innovations that positively impact the way we learn.

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